SPRING Disinfectant Generator

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The SPRING Disinfectant Generator is a fully automated version of the STREAM system with water softening for hard water feed conditions, and a brine generator that avoids manual mixing of the brine solution that allows for weeks of automated operation without operator intervention.  The system also comes with a chlorine solution storage tank with a high and low level switch.  The system automatically stops and starts to keep the solution storage tank full.  The SPRING provides a continuous flow of disinfectant solution from common salt and electricity. The chlorine-based solution generated by the SPRING System complies with national and international guidelines for disinfecting surfaces, medical devices, and instruments. The SPRING Disinfectant Generator is ideal for rural and urban hospitals and health clinics, drinking water treatment in small communities, hotels, apartment complexes, disaster relief, and humanitarian aid.

The SPRING system can produce enough disinfectant to treat up to 240,000 liters (60,000 gallons) per day of water at a dose of 2.5 mg/L. The unit operates on most power supplies including 110/220 VAC single phase, and 12 volts DC such as a car battery or solar panel. It is mounted on two panels for easy wall mounting.  The upper panel includes the chlorine generator system with power supply, control box, and electrolytic cell.  The lower panel includes the reverse osmosis (RO) system for softening to avoid scale formation in the system.  The system can be sold with or without the lower panel.  An ion exchange water softener system can be used in place of the RO system.  All of the components in the system are water resistant and can be exposed to humid conditions, but is is best of located in an enclosed room. The unit is fully automated ensuring a consistent chlorine concentration of 5,000 mg/L. 5,000 mg/L is the standard concentration for cleaning hospital settings and is easily diluted for hand washing at 500 mg/L or 2,000 to 1 for drinking water applications at 2.5 mg/L dose, or 1,000 to 1 for a 5.0 mg/L dose.

The SPRING system comes with a GPS transmitter and wifi transmitter. This enables the system to be monitored anywhere in the world for data collection and analysis, operating status, and any fault conditions.

The system comes with all peripheral components including:

Measuring Devices
• 40 gallon brine generation system
• 40 gallon solution storage tank with high and low level switches
• Chlorine Test Strips
• Spare – Pump Hoses
• Electrical Adapter US/UK Plug
• Flash-drive with Training Videos