K Series Industrial System

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The K Series Disinfectant Generators are designed to operate in extreme environments such as water treatment plants, wastewater plants, hospitals in remote locations, food processing plants, industrial facilities, cooling tower treatment, aquatics, and other applications where chlorine is used. The cabinets are stainless steel enclosures.

System capacities come in 5, 7, or 11 kilograms per day of free available chlorine (FAC) at 5,000 mg/L concentration. All systems come with water softeners to remove calcium contaminants from the water supply in order to avoid scale formation in the systems. Other components required for a complete system include a brine generator, an oxidant storage tank, and a form of injection of the oxidant into the water to be treated. Brine and oxidant tanks can be ordered in a variety of capacities to meet the customer’s needs.

The system comes with a Siemens PLC controller and color touch screen display. Controls are fully automated with functions to support digital or analog oxidant tank levels, brine tank salt level monitoring, water and brine boost pump controls, hydrogen vent system automation controls and monitoring, and water hardness monitoring. The system includes full alarm monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting guides on-screen. The system supports communications via ethernet, thereby allowing system monitoring, software upgrades, and adjustments from any location in the world. The system includes surge protection for temporary low water pressure feed conditions, and an optional water heater to maintain feed water temperatures of 50F (20C) or greater. The system includes seismic supports for earthquake survivability.

Customer requirements for system installation include 220 VAC single phase, 30 amp service, a water source at 50 psi supply pressure, and a drain for the water softener backwash solution.