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Due to popular demand, we are bringing back the H2gO PRIME! This unit meets military specs with 2X the dosage level of the GLOBAL.

 Units are backordered with a projected ship date of June 10, 2024.  We are offering a LIMITED QUANTITY of units for June delivery.

The H2gO  Purifier resulted from a quest to create the best personal water purifier in the world. In contrast to traditional camping water filters, water treatment gear classified as a “purifier” protects against all 3 classes of waterborne pathogens – viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. The H2gO is a pocket-sized water purifier for individuals, families, and small groups that can be used in place of camping water filters or water purification tablets. Many city water utilities use the same core technology on a much larger scale to provide safe drinking water. The H2gO works by converting a tiny bit of common salt into a powerful chlorine and hydrogen peroxide disinfectant solution that is added to the water to destroy disease-causing microorganisms. Imagine being able to create your own unlimited supply of liquid “water purification tablets” at virtually no cost – wherever you are, whenever you want.
The H2gO PRIME is a suitable water treatment choice for any of the following circumstances:

  • Individuals from developed countries
  • A desire for more thorough treatment (i.e. protozoa) with fewer doses
  • The ability to tolerate a possible taste of chlorine
  • Use with containers <= 10L or multidose to treat a 20L container
  • No pre-filtration used

The H2gO PRIME has volume settings of 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 liters, with a dose of 5 mg/L free available chlorine. One battery charge will deliver 120 liters, and the device has a lifetime capacity of 60,000 liters (16,000 gallons) with no replacement parts needed.

The H2gO PRIME meets the U.S. EPA’s P231 Guide Standard & Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers for viruses, bacteria, and parasites when dosed as instructed. In-house testing demonstrates that a single dose meets EPA treatment standards for bacteria, virus, and Giardia in most waters, as well as Cryptosporidium in clear-looking water. Inactivation of Cryptosporidium in cloudy or colored waters requires more than the standard dose.

Download the H2gO Prime spec sheet

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This thing is awesome. Everyone should have one on hand.


Very cool, easy to operate and far cheaper over the long term than using iodine tablets or similar